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The Allotment Shrug
What's in a name? You may wonder where the name for my new design came from. The Allotment Shrug is inspired by the very yarn my version is knitted with. Down the Allotment is a range of double knit yarn created by John Arbon Textiles ´╗┐here in Devon ...
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The Cool Wool Curated Collection 2nd Edition
I am a member of the Cool Wool Community. A group of amazing yarn creators whether designers, testers, tech editors or yarn dyers we come together to share knowledge and improve our skills. Earlier this year the group decided we would put together ...
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New beginnings and a bit of granny square creating
Hello! This is all a bit new isn't it. Well I decided after much deliberation that my previous website was just not quite fitting Bluebird & Daisy and with the well publicised issues with Etsy I knew it was now the right time to move as many of...
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